TY - Jour T1 - 实现理想的Weyl半乐队在Quantum Gas中与3D Spin-Orbit耦合JF - Science Jo - Science SP - 271 LP - 276 Do - 10.1126 / Science.abc0105 VL - 372是 - 6539 Au - Wang,宗 - 瑶奥 - 程,翔灿奥 - 王,宝宗奥 - 张,金毅坝,岳辉芳义,张瑞·艾 - 牛,森奥 - 邓,youjin au- 刘,熊军奥·陈,帅奥 - 潘,建 - 魏Y1 - 2021/04/16 UR - //www.www-goto.com/content/372/6539/271.abstract n2 - 许多化合物现在已经被识别为Weyl半定,具有不寻常的电子频带结构的材料,其特征在于所谓的Weyl点。Weyl积分总是成对出现,但到目前为止研究的固态材料至少有四个。Wang等人。在捕获光学晶格中的超卡原子的气体中,用最小的Weyl点(两个)设计了威尔半金属状态(参见Goldman和Yefsah的观点)。为此,研究人员必须在该系统中创建三维自旋轨道耦合。结果频带结构的相对简单性将使更容易遵守与此状态相关的不寻常效果.Science,这个问题p。271;另见p。 234Weyl semimetals are three-dimensional (3D) gapless topological phases with Weyl cones in the bulk band. According to lattice theory, Weyl cones must come in pairs, with the minimum number of cones being two. A semimetal with only two Weyl cones is an ideal Weyl semimetal (IWSM). Here we report the experimental realization of an IWSM band by engineering 3D spin-orbit coupling for ultracold atoms. The topological Weyl points are clearly measured via the virtual slicing imaging technique in equilibrium and are further resolved in the quench dynamics. The realization of an IWSM band opens an avenue to investigate various exotic phenomena that are difficult to access in solids. ER -